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  • About UIA

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    Originating in 2012, Understanding Islam Academy (UIA) is dedicated to making Islamic education accessible, affordable and relevant.

    A project of DawaNet, UIA brings you the knowledge that matters.

    As the name itself implies, Understanding Islam Academy is an endeavour facilitating the understanding and education of sacred Islamic traditions and sources in the contemporary Canadian context.

    UIA's model of Islamic education involves the understanding of both the text and context, our sources and society. 

    UIA is among the pioneers in offering weekend seminars and intensive week-long programs in the Greater Toronto Area with scholars and instructors from diverse academic disciplines.

    Far from theoretical discourses on 'good to know' subjects, UIA's deliberately designed sessions offer stuff you 'need to know' as a Muslim who loves Allah and His creation.

    UIA is a flagship project of DawaNet, which is a grassroots network of Muslims, specializing in creative methods of outreach, social service, and community development in Canada.

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  • Students

    Check back soon as we list UIA policies and code of conduct for UIA students and prospective enrolments.

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  • Faculty

    Since its inception in 2002, UIA has invited and featured numerous Scholars, Academics, Professionals from diverse backgrounds.

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    • Past Guest Lecturers

      To date, UIA seminars, workshops, and courses have invited some 25 of the most qualified and sought-after teachers, as guest lecturers, ranging from Islamic scholars to professionals in specialized fields across North America.

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