Parenting Workshop: Raising Young Adults - Peer Pressure and Bullying

Our parenting workshop series, "Raising Young Adults," is BACK. This time, Shaykh Daood Butt and Sister Hina Mirza (MACP) will be tackling the issue of peer pressure and bullying, at Understanding Islam Academy (UIA) on Sunday November 26th.

As a teenager, your child will inevitably experience some form of peer pressure and bullying, either in school, Islamic environments, and even at home. Shk. Daood will discuss bullying in the Muslim community from Quran classes, Islamic schools, threats of going to Hell, and punishments of this world and the Hereafter. Parents will learn the result of such bullying upon their teenagers as they might not realize they are doing a disservice to their families. This conversation will even extend to how parents bully their children into doing the things they want as parents, or doing the things they never got to do while growing up, and thus forcing it upon their children. 

Sister Hina, will discuss the following crucial topics, as well: 
1. Identifying signs of bullying 
2. Navigating difficult peer experiences 
3. Overcoming social pressures 
4. Empowering your child 
5. Join the anti-bullying campaign! 

Our parenting workshop will give practical tips, provide useful resources, as well as equip you with important religious knowledge and advice to help you better communicate with your teenager. At a time where they might pull away, it is critical to reach out to your teenager, and help them when times get rough. Through this workshop, we hope to assist you in creating a trusting bond with your child, inshAllah.



What: Parenting Workshop: Raising Young Adults - Peer Pressure and Bullying
Where: Understanding Islam Academy, 2-2570 Haines Road, Mississauga, L4Y 4A3
When: Sunday November 26th, 2017 @ 2:00pm - 4pm
Speakers: Shaykh Daood Butt & Sister Hina Mirza (MACP, certified counsellor, and family therapist)
Fees: $25 (individual) or $40 (couple)
Registration link:

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