Love To Learn 2019: Summer Camp for ages 4-12

UIA's Love To Learn summer camp is BACK and will teach children ages 4-12 about Akhlaq (Good Character) through Quran & hadith, various du'as, and stories of the Prophet's Companions. They'll learn about the importance of having good character and how they can adopt good qualities into their lives. They'll also learn how they can connect lessons and gems from the Companions' stories to their lives and have strong values. We will have daily arts & crafts along with a field trip* as well, that is ideal for kids who want to stay active during the summer.

Our summer camp will run for 4 weeks, starting July 15th and ending August 15th. Classes will be taught by Sr. Humaira Qureshi.


  • Theme: Akhlaq (good character)
  • Days: Monday to Thursdays
  • Time: 10 AM to 2 PM
  • Duration: July 15th to August 15th (4 weeks)
  • Cost: $150 for 4 weeks
  • Age Groups: 4-12

TOP 3 REASONS to enroll your child for UIA's Love To Learn summer camp:

  • Learning about akhlaq (good character) will help kids adopt good characteristics such as kindness, self-discipline, honesty, humility, and positivity. Gaining these good characteristics will help prevent problem behaviors such as aggressiveness, arrogance, and impulsivity.
  • Learning about the stories of the Prophet's Companions will help kids build strong values, mental strength, and resilience. Having these values and mental strength will help them navigate challenges and hardships in school and life as well.
  • Studying lessons we can extract from the Quran/Hadith and apply into our lives will make the Quran more relevant and relateable for kids, which will help revive or gain an interest in Islam.

About the instructor:

Sr. Humaira Qureshi has completed Taleem-al-Quran and Ruh-al-Bayan with Dr. Farhat Hashmi from AlHuda Institute. She is currently studying Sahih Bukhari under her. She also has a Bachelor of Arts degree and has completed Montessori method of teaching and textile designing courses. She previously lead the summer school at AlHuda Institute, taught their weekend school as well as Daurah-e-Quran along with Seerah. She currently teaches classes at Masjid Rehmat where she coaches students ages 4-11 on character development using the Quran. Alongside her teaching and studying, she enjoys drawing and painting; she has previously taught children glass painting and silk painting as well.

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