FREE ISLAMinar: "Ramadan & the Sahaba: Time for Revival or Survival?" By Sheikh Abdullah Hakim Quick (July 28, 2013)

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Date: July 28, 2013


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Why Attend this ISLAMinar?

 During Ramadaan, Allah amplifies the reward of good deeds in and accepts repentance. As good deeds are amplified and dua is accepted, the most plausible course of action is to spend days and nights in remembrance of Allah. The one who does not take advantage of the added reward during Ramadaan has surely lost a great opportunity.


Unfortunately, in these modern times, many people lose their intent for fasting, which is the pleasure of Allah and Allah only, thus making the fasting ritualistic. Such people do not try to attain the added benefits of fasting, and do not pray more than they usually do throughout the rest of the year, and are even more inactive in the excuse of preserving their strength. This contradicts with the purpose of Ramadaan, which is to be more Islamic, and perfect one’s character, so as to improve one’s self for the coming year. To better improve the quality of Ramadaan, there is none better to look to than the Sahaba (may Allah be pleased with them). They are the result of the prophets’ (peace be upon them) teachings, and the idealistic and most practical role models for us.

To show us how the Sahabaa used to spend their Ramadaan, renowned scholar, Sheikh Abdullah Hakim Quick will give an enlightening webinar on July 28th. Sheikh Abdullah is head historian of Almaghrib institute, and specializes in stories of the Sahabaa.

About the Instructors:

Sheikh Abdullah Hakim Quick

Dr. Abdullah Hakim Quick is a historian, social activist and religious leader of African and Native American descent. He has travelled to over 58 countries doing research and delivering lectures to various communities. His qualification in Islamic Studies comes from a BA from the Islamic University of Madinah, Saudi Arabia and his history background is shaped by an MA and PhD from the History Department of the University of Toronto, Canada.

Dr Quick has served as a special advisor to the Toronto Board of Education, the Ontario Science Centre and the Royal Ontario Museum as well as a regular columnist in the religion page of one of Canada’s leading daily newspapers, The Toronto Star. He has initiated and developed special classes for the hearing impaired of Canada and the underprivileged of Southern Africa. He has been a guest lecturer at York University (Toronto), McGill University, the University of the Western Cape (South Africa) in the Departments of History, Women’s Studies, Geography and Middle-East Islamic Studies and African Studies as well as member of the Chaplains Association of the University of Toronto. He has also developed and facilitated workshops and training sessions for diverse organizations such as Children’s Aid Society, Metropolitan Toronto School Boards, Family Service Association of Metro Toronto, Canadian Museums Association, Canadian Institute for International Affairs, the Canadian Churches Forum for Global Ministries, Elementary Teachers Association of York Region, Metro Toronto School for the Deaf, the Scarborough Public Library Board, and Al Wagah, Muslim Deaf Society of Cape Town.

For over ten years, Dr Quick was Director of the Islamic Social Services and Resources Association, one of Canada’s first recognized Islamic social service agencies. There he counseled hundreds people from all walks of life and various religions and developed one of Canada’s first Muslim food banks. He has often spoken out against “gay bashing” and vigilantism

He has participated in interviews as an expert on African History and Islamic issues with major Canadian, Caribbean and South African media organizations, such as CBC TV, City TV, CFRB, Channel 47 (Canada) and the SABC, 702 Cape Talk, Voice of the Cape, Radio 786, Channel Islam, Radio Ansar (Durban, South Africa).

He has a number of scholarly presentations and publications but his recent focus has been on documentary films such as Timbuktu, the Empire of Knowledge, Untold Ethiopia and Reflections from the Western Sunrise (Quick Answers) that all aired on national television in South Africa.

Previously, Dr Abdullah was the Director of the Discover Islam Centre of Cape Town , South Africa and a special advisor to the Ministry of Islamic Affairs of the Kingdom of Bahrain.

Presently, Shaykh Abdullah is residing in Toronto, Canada and is the Head of the History Department of Al Maghrib Institute and the Director of Outreach for the Canadian Council of Imams.

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