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Date: July 14, 2013


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Why Attend this ISLAMinar?

The blessed month of Ramadan has come for the benefit of the Muslim Ummah. In this holy month, the Quran was revealed as the ultimate guidance for humanity. It is the book Allah ordained for us as a criterion between right and wrong, to set standards of what Allah expects from us, and all in all, a way to connect with Him. 

In this month we are highly recommended to extensively recite, memorize, and reflect upon the Quran to take maximum reward from Allah. 

The concept of benefiting from the Quran in the month of the Quran will be elaborated by Sheikh Alaa Elsayed,a renowned scholar of international repute working as the Director of Public Relations for Mercy Mission, Director of Religious Affairs ISNA-Canada, and Tutor at Alkauthar Institute.


About the Instructors:

Sheikh Alaa Elsayed (Mississauga, ON)

Sheikh Alaa was born in Cairo and lived in Egypt until he was 15 years old. During his youth, he spent his time as the goalie for the Junior National Team and moved to Toronto, Canada, in the late 1970’s.

Sheikh Alaa worked as a Vice-President of Business Development for an international company, and during this time he competed and placed first in the 1992 Bermuda Triathlon.

Sheikh Alaa has studied for his Bachelors in Sharīʿah from the American International University, and has earned a scholarship from the Shari'ah Academy in Egypt/Florida. Sheikh Alaa has also received his ijāzah of Qurʾan recitation for Ḥafṣ ʿan ʿĀṣim, studied comparative religion for five years through the IPCI in South Africa, and was on the board of directors of the World Assembly of Muslim Youth.

Sheikh Alaa currently lives in GTA (Greater Toronto Area) with his wife and three children. He is a member of the Canadian Council of Imams as well as a member of Horizon Interfaith Communication Media Council. Prior to this he was an Imam for the Muslim Council of Calgary and acted as its media spokesperson. He has hosted Vision of Islam, a weekly television show which runs throughout Alberta, Canada. He also appeared as a speaker on Islam on various television channels.

Sheikh Alaa was a member of the Calgary Multi-Faith Committee, and a member of the Muslim Christian Dialogue Committee. Sheikh Alaa received the Alberta Centennial award by the Alberta Government in 2005, granted to him for his outstanding service to the Alberta community.

Currently Sheikh Alaa is the Director of Religious Affairs for the Islamic Centre of Canada-ISNA. Prior to that, he was the Executive Director for the Canadian Islamic Congress. Sheikh Alaa is a favourite tutor with AlKauthar and is also the director of internal & external affairs for Mercy Mission world.


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