Community Development Program (CDP) - Jan. 16th, 2011- with Imam Dr. Hamid Slimi & Hussein Hamdani

Understanding Islam Academy presents the monthly

Community Development Program (CDP)

A must-attend for anyone concerned about the community or interested in volunteering for community projects and organizations!

Date: Sunday,  January 16th, 2011

Time: 11:00 am - 1:30 pm (Join us for breakfast!)

Location: Anatolia Islamic Centre
5280 Maingate Dr.
Mississauga, ON L4W 1G5
(East of Eglinton & Tomken)

11:00 am- "Inspiration for Change" Session: Motivation: How to Mobilize People for a Cause (Part 2/2)
Presenter: Taha Ghayyur (Development Manager, Sound Vision; Director, MuslimFest; Freelance Writer)

Discussion Points: In this two-part series of brief presentations, we will explore the power of Motivation: What motivates us to take action; why people commit to a a cause; myths about motivation; how can you, as a leader, inspire people to work with you; what de-motivates your volunteers and supporters? Little things you can do to keep everyone energized and focused.

11:40 am- "Community Conversations" Session: Home-grown Extremism: Myths, Reality & Prevention?

Presenter: Panel Discussion with Imam Dr. Hamid Slimi (Imam, Sayeda Khadija Centre & Chairman, Canadian Council of Imams) & Hussein Hamdani (Freelance Writer & Lawyer)

Discussion Points:
1- Do we have a home-grown violent extremism problem? If so, how widespread is the problem?
2 - What are the causes of home-grown terrorism? Are they religious, political, socio-economic, or something else?
3 - What should masajid and Muslim organizations be doing to prevent our youth from falling into the trap of terrorism?
4 - Are we doing enough?
5 - Are homegrown Muslim terrorists our community's responsibility, or law enforcement's problem?
6 - Should we be partnering with RCMP, CSIS, and other law enforcement agencies to combat this problem?
7 - Are there other community organizations beyond the Muslim community that can serve as allies in preventing home-grown terrorism?

1:20 pm- Duhur Prayer
Registration: FREE! Donations are welcome.

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What is Community Development Program (CDP)?


CDP is a series of workshops to help volunteers, activists, and leaders in the Muslim community develop themselves spiritually and organizationally to be effective agents of social change.


Objectives of CDP are to:

  1. Enhance our organizational and soft skills necessary for our roles

  2. Help us network with each other and share best practices of volunteerism and leadership

  3. Develop a deeper understanding of our vision and objectives (as an organization and community at large)

  4. Create a dialogue and discuss tough questions and challenges facing our community and the human family; devise possible solutions with the help of professionals and qualified scholars in the community

  5. Instil a spirit of team work, excellence (Ihsan), and devotion for the pleasure of Allah, required for our work

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