Community Development Program (CDP)

**Are you concerned about the affairs of our community?

**Are you passionate about giving back and contributing to our society?

**Want to participate in discussions and dialogue on crucial issues affecting Muslims and humanity?

**Interested in learning a new leadership or life skill?

Community Development Program (CDP), a UIA initiative (a joint project of DawaNet and Sound Vision), has a unique & inspiring monthly program in store for you!

Suitable for: High School, College / University Students, Professionals, Community Leaders, Imams, and Activists.

What is Community Development Program (CDP)?

CDP is a series of town-hall discussions and workshops to help volunteers, activists, and leaders in the community develop themselves spiritually and organizationally to be effective agents of social change.


Objectives of CDP are to:

  1. Enhance our organizational and soft skills necessary for our roles

  2. Help us network with each other and share best practices of volunteerism and leadership

  3. Develop a deeper understanding of our vision and objectives (as an organization and community at large)

  4. Create a dialogue and discuss tough questions and challenges facing our community and the human family; devise possible solutions with the help of professionals and qualified scholars in the community

  5. Instil a spirit of team work, excellence (Ihsan), and devotion for the pleasure of Allah, required for our work


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