Since its inception in 2001, Understanding Islam Academy (UIA) programs stand out from other Islamic institutes in the following four ways:

  1. Creativity: Our aim is to present topics and content using the most creative and exciting means possible.
  2. Relevance: We ensure our courses and workshops focus on the applied aspect of Islamic knowledge in the Canadian context.
  3. Affordability: We do our best to keep our enrolment fee economical without compromising the quality or professionalism of our programs.
  4. Instructors: Our seminars, workshops, and courses have attracted some of the most qualified and sought-after teachers, ranging from Islamic scholars to professionals in specialized fields across North America.

Far from theoretical discourses on 'good to know' subjects, UIA's deliberately designed sessions offer stuff you 'need to know' as a Muslim who loves Allah and His creation.

We invite you to explore our upcoming programs for children, youth, and adults alike.

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  • Workshops

    Since 2007 Understanding Islam Academy has been organizing sold-out workshops on hot issues that the community has been yearning for.

    These workshops deal with social issues, family matters, skill development, and other practical topics.

  • Classes

    Understanding Islam Academy's deliberately designed courses package complex topics and sciences of Islam into simple and concise units for you.

    At UIA, there are Islamic courses for every age group: children, teens / adults, and adults.

    Explore which of the UIA classes that interest you!


  • Seminars

    UIA is among the pioneers in offering weekend seminars and intensive week-long programs in the Greater Toronto Area with scholars and instructors from diverse academic disciplines around the world.

    Some of the esteemed scholars who have taught these seminars in the past include Dr. Abdallah Hakim Quick (South Africa), Dr. Jamal Badawi (Halifax, NS), Imam Khalid Griggs (USA), Shk. Mohammad Zahid, Shk. Abdool Hamid, and the Late Sr. Aminah Assilmi (may God have mercy on her).

  • ISLAMinars - Online Programs

    Our refreshing ONLINE Islamic programs (ISLAMinars) bring you a world of Islamic knowledge from anywhere in the world!

    Check out our FREE engaging webinars below and sign up today!

    Want to volunteer with UIA ISLAMinars? Can you moderate or emcee an online program? Please let us know @ This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it..

    We are blessed to feature eminent scholars and experts @ UIA's ISLAMinars:

    Upcoming ISLAMinars:

    • Previous ISLAMinars - Online Programs

      Understanding Islam Academy has been offering FREE ISLAMinars for the global Muslim community since April 2012.

      We appreciate the positive feedback and support we have receiving from our attendees as well as our dear instructors.

      Here you will find the archive of previously offered ISLAMinars. You may access and watch the recordings of these sessions as click on the individual ISLAMinar page.

      Previous ISLAMinars:

  • Community Development Program (CDP)

    **Are you concerned about the affairs of our community?

    **Are you passionate about giving back and contributing to our society?

    **Want to participate in discussions and dialogue on crucial issues affecting Muslims and humanity?

    **Interested in learning a new leadership or life skill?

    Community Development Program (CDP), a UIA initiative (a joint project of DawaNet and Sound Vision), has a unique & inspiring monthly program in store for you!

    Suitable for: High School, College / University Students, Professionals, Community Leaders, Imams, and Activists.

    What is Community Development Program (CDP)?

    CDP is a series of town-hall discussions and workshops to help volunteers, activists, and leaders in the community develop themselves spiritually and organizationally to be effective agents of social change.


    Objectives of CDP are to:

    1. Enhance our organizational and soft skills necessary for our roles

    2. Help us network with each other and share best practices of volunteerism and leadership

    3. Develop a deeper understanding of our vision and objectives (as an organization and community at large)

    4. Create a dialogue and discuss tough questions and challenges facing our community and the human family; devise possible solutions with the help of professionals and qualified scholars in the community

    5. Instil a spirit of team work, excellence (Ihsan), and devotion for the pleasure of Allah, required for our work


    Check out our Next and Previous CDP events!

  • Kids' Hub

    At Understanding Islam Academy (UIA), we are big on children!

    Every year, UIA offers unique, quality classes that engage and inspire children. In particular, UIA is the hub on creative homeschooling programs in the West end of the GTA. 

    Our extremely loving teachers and volunteers ensure kids miss the class once leave UIA!

    Check out our current programs and enrol your child today.



  • Youth Zone

    UIA has always been focused on youth-friendly programs.

    Now more than ever, UIA team committed to offering engaging and exciting programs for Muslim youth!

    From weekly classes, to monthly "Let's Talk" sessions, to "We are Listening" counselling programs, to March break and summer camps!

    Check out our current programs for young Muslims!




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