Vision & Objectives


Our vision is to produce a vibrant, engaging, and creative Islamic institution that is a springboard of God-conscious, caring, and productive Muslim community, where teachers, scholars, and professionals create an environment of inspiring and interactive learning and discourse.



  1. Empower our participants with the essential tools to interpret and implement the central message of the Quran and the traditions of the Prophet Muhammd, peace be upon him
  2. Instil confidence in them through the analysis of rich Islamic history
  3. Enable them to produce an intellectual Islamic response to the challenges their community and human family are facing today
  4. Inspire them to actively seek, read, research, and specialize in Islamic sciences
  5. Harmonize the often conflicting approaches to Islamic learning (the traditional/spiritual, academic, and literal) in our community
  6. Establish a dynamic and dialectic movement between the Islamic sources and the Canadian environment, required to develop a healthy Canadian Muslim identity
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