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There are two strong likings that can never be satisfied: The seeking after knowledge and the seeking after this world.” - Prophet Muhammad [Al-Bazzaar]

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Latest Programs

Comic Workshop Comic Workshop   Do you want to help your child express their creative side? Join us with instructor David Anthony for our Islam Through Art Workshop where we’ll help your children develop essential art skills... More detail
Adhaan Workshop Adhaan Workshop   Have you ever asked your child or another child to do the adhaan, but they shied away? During these moments, it's easy to blame our kids for not having enough confidence or taking initiative. What... More detail
Tahara Workshop Tahara Workshop On Sunday, December 23rd, UIA will be hosting a Taharah Workshop for boys ages 12+. During this workshop, students will get to learn about important topics related to hygiene and cleanliness.To reg... More detail
Prophets in the Quran (Fall 2018) Prophets in the Quran (Fall 2018) Join us on the first saturday of every month as we explore the stories in the Holy Quran of the Beloved Prophets. Esteemed scholars, teachers, and imams will illustrate the prophetic lives featured in... More detail
Islam 101 (Fall 2018) Islam 101 (Fall 2018) Every second Saturday of the month, acclaimed scholars, teachers, and Imams will teach us the fundamentals of Islam from the Quran, to hadith, to Allah, and  modern science. This will be your crash... More detail
The Beautiful Names (Fall 2018) The Beautiful Names (Fall 2018) All praise is due to Allah (SWT) for giving us the opportunity to learn more about His 99 names on the third Saturday of every month at Understanding Islam Academy (UIA). Distinguished scholars, teachers,... More detail
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